Villa Sylvia: Pontoise, France Edition

It all started on Valentine’s Day. And I promise you this isn’t going where you think it is. It happened to be on February 14th, sometime before the Kygo concert, I received a little book the size of a coffee mug. “Things to do Around Paris,” Kahwehgi read in French. “All the things to do just right outside Paris.”

Flipping through the photogenic pages, our seatbelts were soon buckled for Val-d’Oise.

Necessary layers of sugar and butter and dough to keep warm at Villa Sylvia

Here’s a little something for you on Val-d’Oise: most folks aren’t traveling to go visit Val-d’Oise. As an archaeological peek into the past, most site-seers steer their way towards the charms and attractions of the “cosmopolitan historic” capital city, Paris. I surely didn’t know much about the department of Val-d’Oise until reading my little mug-sized book. But then I learned about Pontoise, and its maze of 900 quarries hollowing the city’s underbelly into a massive stone-mining regime. I read about its blooming public gardens, hilly landscapes, and sunny river walk. I turned to Kahwehgi.

“We’ve gotta go to Pontoise.”

So then we did.

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Tamper: Lille, France Edition

You’re not supposed to Tamper with the evidence, but what about when you tamper with something, and it somehow makes things… better?

I pondered this while finding myself in Lille, one of the most delicious of cities nooked up in northern France. Having taken the roadways of northern France in the good company of Kahwehgi, we found ourselves in Lille’s Old Town at Tamper. A delightful wooden haven of chipper staff milling amongst patrons with foaming coffee drinks and budding green succulents as endearing as the coffee shop’s ambiance. Adjusting my glasses atop my nose, I tried to understand what Tamper could possibly be tampering with. To my accords, everything gleamed of wonderful. And then came the food.

“It can’t be,” Kahwehgi’s eyes widened in front of me after a cheese pancake and raw salmon adornments were served before him. “I’m dead.”

Brb drooling all over again

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