La RECyclerie: Old & New

Without intention, I strolled into the 4ème’s open market square next door to the mayor’s office. Women in dresses and men in suit stood outside with cameras ready as a crisp tuxedo and bright white dress descended down the mayor’s grand staircase. Eastern-European music danced and admirers clapped as the newlywed couple made their debut to Paris. 

This was the first of 5 weddings I was to see that day.

This is what I adore so much about Paris – it unexpectedly blends familiar elements of the city with the vibrancy of something new. It creates something colorful to paint your own unique picture of what the city is to you. 

So my idea is this: Paris is something old and new, all in one. Being this chic elegance that’s cool and classic, it also opens its doors to be something cleverly fresh and strikingly new. May I welcome you to the culmination of this idea, La RECylcerie of the 18ème arrondissement.

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