Braun Notes: Life Notes

Teaching is a lot like theater, perhaps more so than I reckoned. Never would have reckoned my starring years as a Stone Wall, Plate, or Goat Herder would have lead me to this moment to fully command a class. As I stood in front of thirty pairs of Frenchie kids’ eyes, it struck me quite readily this was my audience and this was my show.

Even if for a mere 45 minutes.

As a pipsqueak little kid, becoming a teacher is an idea I fancied. Charmed by the idea of sharing ideas, making crafts, and writing pretty handwriting across crisp white paper – I was totally sold. As time wore on, my ideas of what I wanted to be brewed in as much variety as coffee: allongé, café filtre, américano… But do you notice a theme here? They all derived of similar… notes.

Welcome to my (Braun) Notes.

Sweet notes at Braun Notes

Instead of my notes being of the same coffee bean, my note remained as language. Teaching is heralding your words to capture, engage, motivate, and change your audience. One needs to know how to giddy-up their words into something worthwhile to gallop with. As I got older, my mind entertained the idea of becoming a creative writer, penning books for a teen female audiences. This too (more obviously) was about words – words to paint a picture to whoever holding the other side of the page. Life continued to turn its own pages as years went onward, full steam ahead, and the idea of being a speech-language pathologist suited me fancy. To aid someone to be able to better command their own words and language… the whole idea not only stood as empowering but thrilling too. It followed the golden rule: sharing is caring. And what’s more caring than sharing one’s own words?

Unintentionally or not, I suddenly found myself on the other side of the world searching for my own words. As in, suddenly I’m in a French-speaking country and finding the words don’t come as easily as it did before. The words I cherish to shape, form, and perform are suddenly a little further out of reach to take the stage with. I can’t paint French pictures with them like I can writing in English. I can’t help French people find their words like I can aid in English. However, that brings me back to the stage.

Take the stage – you’re on in 2

Just like when I played the opening role of a Deficient Doctor (never mind that after the opening scene, I never graced the stage again throughout the entire show…), sometimes you don’t know the script, but you convince the audience otherwise.

Standing in front of a classroom full of French first graders, I felt the spotlight on me commanding the show. But this too was bigger than just 45 minutes playing teacher. The lights lowered on me to take hold of my own show. The show being my life. Inside and outside the classroom. And the audience, the figurative imagination inside my head, is eagerly awaiting the next act.

Theater is a lot like life, perhaps if anything to be the main character of your life’s story. Whatever note that may be and in whatever scene it may fall. Be the starring act, and while you’re at it, put on one hella good show.


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